I am Corruption!

Hey, Hi there! Listen to me for a while. I will always be thankful.

I am corruption. You can find me everywhere. I am found generally in the Government offices as seen and felt by the common man. This is why I am here to explain some points to you, Mr. Common Man.

First of all, please do not hate me. I see and hear people saying bad things about me. It really pisses me off. I do not understand why this country blames me for all the problems. When there is rise in prices, you blame me. When your electricity bill shows its face, you blame me. When the ‘sarkari babu’ sitting at MTNL office never listens to your plea regarding slow internet speed, you blame me. The most bizarre are the ladies who when go to sabzi markets, come back home blaming me. I mean, what the…..well, that hurts.

I am a child, an orphan one. No one since my birth came to me and said “I am you Dad” or “I am your Mom!”  No one at all. There is no one who wants to accept me. Everyone these days keeps on uttering that Corruption is growing day by day. So, you know that I am growing day by day but did you in your life, even for once, tried or thought of trying to find the answer of one simple question.

“Who gave birth to me?”

Here is an orphan child asking about his father and mother. Where are they? I want to meet them. Not because I want to kiss them or hug them but show them to the country and say, “here are they, the creators of this child who is blamed all over the country for all the problems that a common man goes through.”

Yes, I am shattered from inside. Someone gave birth to me and forgot.

You don’t know the answer? Really?

No, I think you do know the answer.  Ask yourself. C’mon Sharma Ji! Didn’t you find the queue at the Passport office too long? Tell me, Mr. Awasthi, how did your daughter got admission in the most reputed medical college of Mumbai despite the fact that she got less percentage in her entrance exam? What about you, Pandey ji? You were not getting the train tickets for your family trip to Goa? How did you get it then?

Well, I feel like laughing and at the same time I feel sad. And that pretty much makes me the corruption – someone who makes some one laugh and cry simultaneously.

But I am not blaming them. It was not Sharma Ji’s fault that he gave away a sum of two thousand rupees to the peon so that his passport could get ready in quick time. Arey, he has a bad knee. Knee problems, you know. He cannot stand for a long period of time. His son do not listens to him. He does not have time for his father. Such a poor father the guy is. What a pity. I am with you on this, Sharma Ji. But I get angry when you again blame me when the minister increases the price of sugar. Why do you blame me then? Arey, I got your passport work done quicker, man! Huh.

And I am not blaming even you two, Mr Awasthi and Pandey Ji. A man earns all his life to see his kids settled well. You are not an exception, Mr. Awasthi. You only tried to build a sound career for your daughter and for that if you gave away 10 lakhs to the college administration for the sake of their development then what’s wrong? Your daughter even hugged you that day when she got the admission. That’s what a daughter –father bond is all about. Ah! That is emotional.

And Pandey Ji, I know chintu wanted a vacation since long. I knew you did not want me to help you but you did not have any choice. Anyways, how much did the agent cost you? Hmm, must be at least 300 more per ticket. Arey, Why sad? It is nothing in front chintu’s happiness. Forget it.  Carry On, upload the Goa pictures on facebook.

But please, you both, stop blaming me when the next time you get stuck while issuing your Voter Id cards.

It’s a deal. I help you and you don’t blame me. Keep way from the old guy and that young guy too who has just formed a party. He wants to kill me.

And also I want you three to meet Mr. Khanna who despite submitting the forms and all the documents six months back, has not got the passport. He is blaming me. So what that he lost an opportunity to work in Australia, he cannot just simply blame me. Sharma Ji, meet Mr. Khanna and guide him.

Mr. Awasthi , you please meet Mr. Kumar. He despite scoring great in his entrance did not get a call. He wants an answer. Will you please answer? Thank you very much.

And Mr. Singh, You must meet Pandey Ji. I know you could not get tickets to Varanasi to attend your Uncle’s last rites but that is your fault. Pandey Ji can explain you it better. Meet him.


Sorry, it took me long to sort these things out. See, I had to. There was no point in just listening abuses and not replying. Those three must know that someone like them gave birth to me. They must know that I help them and still they blame me. They must know that you cannot just say things and not follow. They must know that I don’t live in the government offices but inside them.

There are people who say that the country would be a better place to live if they get rid of me. Are they sure of what they are saying? Can they really live without me?

Are you ready to stand in long queues at the government offices? Are you ready to go government offices to get your work done but not bribe the peon? Are you sure you will not care about the development of any college where your child wants to study?

You want to say ‘YES’, Common man! Speak up. But you will never say ‘YES’ because you are buried under my weight.

Say ‘YES’ and accept me as your kid. Accept that you gave birth to me. The day you accept these two things, I shall go back from you, far away and never come back.

Thank You for your time!


About ishubhampandey

A sincere child of an insincere world.
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