Talking Sex!

‘It is about time to bring change in the society.’ spoke a middle aged man to his friend while coming back from office and waiting for the next DTC bus to Uttam Nagar. They obviously were talking about the rape cases and all the other problems that are attached with them. They kept on blaming the ‘Society’. After being annoyed by all the non sense they talked about society, I interrupted them.

“Who lives in the society?” I asked. They were bemused at my question thrown at them. After a while, we three became the most amazing show at Peergarhi Bus Stop. Engrossed in the discussion, everyone was looking at us. They spoke about all the things that cause rapes. For them, the modern mindset was the big culprit for the rapes happening in the city. They want to see a change in the mindset.

My worry is not the idiocy they talked.  The worrying factor is that every day at the bus stop their opinion got open to a lot of people and every time the ones with feeble mindset  grabbed a piece of it eventually making these opinions stronger by the day. I believe that opinions drive this country very much. Opinions are the reason why Shah Rukh Khan became the King Khan, Big Bazaar managed to make the housewives come to them and shop products of which they have no use, India Premier League became a sensation. Likewise, the stringent laws, change in society, literacy became the solution for people to curb rape crimes in the city.

Acceptance of a solution without going deep down the problem and studying them is the biggest problem. Those who accept them easily are the ones who are developing the complexions in the society.

There is no doubt that stricter laws, literacy will help the cause. But there is another side to it. Are not the educated class raping? Is making laws stricter a solution or just a protective measure?

The Problem here is related to psychology more than any other thing. How badly the men in this country need sex? This is the question to be asked. Sex is needed to be discussed. Why and how the men in this country are deprived of sex? Are they not satisfied with their partners?

Sex is the psychological need for a common man. Like food, shelter, clothes etc , which are taken as the basic needs, Sex also has to be given importance. The issue here is not that a 5 year old was raped. The issue to be addressed and the question to be asked is why did he rape a 5 year old? What was his mental state of mind when he inserted a candle inside her vagina?

A Dissatisfied human do not sees any law, do not hold any grudges even after committing a crime, is not even afraid of any punishment when he/she thinks of committing a crime. The dissatisfaction can be any way. Sex can be one too. These rapists should be given a time with doctors even before they are handed over to police. They must be examined properly and then on the basis of the outcome of the examination, the solutions should be thought of. Yes, obviously, judiciary follows. They must be given the as severe a punishment as mentioned in the law.

Only legalizing the prostitution would not serve the cause at any way. Again, we need to ask that what all can this change to curb rape crimes. Would it be really of any help or this was just another solution made through opinions?

All we need to do is stop making opinions based on others opinions. An opinion made on facts is always a good property of the society but the one made in air isn’t.


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A sincere child of an insincere world.
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