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Ranbir Kapoor screamed ‘Sadda Haq’ in his last to last release and became a Rockstar. Imtiaz ali had no idea that the movie he was trying to claim as the story of a rock star was actually a story of a pop star. There was not a complete rock song in the movie, add to it, the title of the movie did not suit the content or the story of the movie. Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar was a romantic one and had no shades of a Rockstar in Jordan. Fighting in the streets, showing middle finger and doing all those things which Jordon did it in the movie do not make a Rockstar. Sorry, Mr. Imtiaz Ali but you got it all wrong.
This term already was a complex one in the minds of the youth in this country and Ali only degraded it. But hey! Wait, I am not here to write a review of a movie which released almost 6 months back. That movie is done and dusted. I am here to write about the difference between a Rockstar and a Wannabe Rockstar.
But first let us ask ourselves that what is a Rockstar?
Is it a chick magnet (has guitar, long hair, condom) or an energy drink which has outrageous price but cool ads or is it a planet that once was a civilized place before the nucleus meltdown. I know that all these three things written above do make a Rockstar. You ask many of the top bands in the world about this same question and they would reply that there is no word called Rockstar. The word which really excites them is ‘Musician’. Yes, that is what they want to be and that is what they love to be called as.
Rockstar is one word which is very famous among the young people in this country. The reason why it is famous is because it sounds very cool. Isn’t it? You know a bit or two about playing a guitar and you become a Rockstar.
These days, everyone has a guitar at home or a drum set. Among these, half of them don’t know what rock is and half of them don’t know how to hold a guitar. With time, they learn a few things about playing it and then eventually they form a band, pick a cool name for their band and hence, a group of wannabe Rockstars is ready.
“I have seen this so many times at many college festivals, annual days and other such occasions where young rich brats come with great guitars, amazing drum sets , wearing super cool clothes, boasting long hair and a big goatie look. Tons of attitude residing inside them, taking half an hour or so in just the sound check but when they start playing music then you come across the reality about their richness and the knowledge about their music. They play crap.” Said Rohon Solomon of Cyanide.
That is the reason may be David Lee Roth has said, “A Lot of Rock bands are truly a legend in their own minds.”
Let me tell you one thing. Be it Metallica, Guns ‘N’ Roses or any other famous Rock band, none of them became rock stars because of their looks or because of their expensive guitars or because of their cool attitude. They became famous because of one and only reason and that was their love for the music. They did not have great guitars when they started, they did not have cool clothes even. The only thing they had was music. They did not intend to become ‘Rockstars’, it’s just that they became one because they played great music. They always wanted to be great musicians. What it means is simple. You do not become a Rockstar by yourself. Your fans make you one.
There are people who started playing guitar because they wanted chicks. These are not my words. These are the words of the lead guitarist of a famous Indian band ‘Cyanide’. He made a point, “Let me tell you one thing clear and cut, you don’t get to sleep with girls if you become a Rockstar. It is a myth. You want to sleep with a girl. Go get one and sleep with her. Don’t pick up a guitar to get girls, pick it up for the love of music.”
And then there are some bands who believe that without taking drugs, they cannot make music. The same guy also stated that you don’t need to do drugs to make music. You don’t know to get high on drugs to become a make music. Music is something that comes from within.
There is very famous phrase among the rock circuit and that is ‘Sex, drugs and Rock N Roll’. To put it clearly, what matters in those three words is Rock N Roll.
I would like to sum up it in Rohan’s simple words.
“Don’t be a Rockstar, be a musician because if you are good at what you do then that makes you a Rockstar not the fact that you are good looking, you have got expensive guitars and you are getting chicks and hence, you become a Rock Star. Boss, then you are not A Rockstar rather you are a model.”


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