The Game That Has Changed

Indian Premier leagueI know that I am going to piss off a lot of people. This does not mean that I am going to apologize. I think you need to give some space to my disagreement and I will give some to yours.

Nevermind! Let me come to the topic now. We all have played with ‘Lattu’. Have you? If you were born in late 80’s or early 90’s then you must have had, at least once, played with it. It was a round shaped object with a nail fixed at lower end on which it used to revolve. Kids these days are busy with their beyblades. The machine has taken over the responsibility. I, too used it for once. It might be a contrarian view but I do not like them much. The concept is the same, the mechanism has changed. Also, the price. The lattu was quiet cheaper. Beyblade is on higher side as far as the price is concerned.

I have also observed that Beyblades become very boring for kids. They play it for two hours and then throw it away. They get tired of it in two months and want them replaced. The case was different with ‘lattus’. For us, a ‘lattu’ was a matter of pride. It was our companion. We spent time playing with it for hours. The craze was such that we skipped our lunch so as to play with ‘lattu’. We loved it so much that we kept it for years. Also, The ‘Lattu’ revolved on our palms too unlike beyblade. It was so much fun to pick up the revolving ‘lattu’ on our palms from the ground.

I might be old school. That is what you are thinking. Right? Then why is it so that I am using internet to reach you. Why is it so that I have a Facebook account, a blog on WordPress. Why is it so that I prefer electronic mails and not post office services? This surely makes me new school. Haha!

Well, It really does not matter what you call me. My love for the ‘Lattu’ will be there for ages. I am up for modernization but in quest to modernize it, I would never let my game be ruined and turned into something which it was not before. I wish they had modernized the ‘lattu’ without taking away its purity, genuinity and charm.

I am done with my write up. You can now go and watch the Indian Premier League. Meanwhile, I will watch Sachin hitting Shane Warne for sixes at Sharjah on Youtube. You know what, I am old school.

Did I piss you off? Oh! Please read the first paragraph.


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A sincere child of an insincere world.
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