Misery at Makhanlal Chaturvedi University


At Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication in Bhopal, the students are a victim of anarchism and the dangerous thing is that many of them are ignorant about it.VC Brij Kishore Kuthiyala  is acting here as the whole hearted anarchist and is doing so in the name of RSS. He has everything and everyone in control of his hand. The administration as well as half of the faculty have become his pebbles and do without any second thought whatever they are ordered to do.

Recently, IBC 24 – a television news channel operating in Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh was called to recruit 12 people from the university. Later on, the students came to know that the university has changed idea and now the channel would take away 50 students in the batches of five for the coming five months. The students were positive about this even. The CVs were submitted in large numbers, tests were held followed by interviews. After two days, a list of 50 students was taken out by the university. The students who were there started booking tickets.

When all this was going on in the university, the VC was out of the country on a U.S. trip for one month. When he came back, he lashed the placement officer who had called the TV channel. He then cancelled the campus selections reasoning that the internship would cause harm to the attendance of the students. 75% attendance is a must.

This bring us to two questions.

One – Has placement office got no power of his own? What is he supposed to do sitting at the chair?

Two- without any experience in the field reporting, what are we going to achieve by attending 75% of the classes in a semester?

I agree that attendance is a very important factor but at least the university can provide for the students one month internship program. There is no such program included in the two year syllabus of either the bachelors or the master courses. Each year, the VC adds one or the other course in the name of innovation in the discipline of communication studies. The university is operating in just two building with bundles of courses which don’t promise any good future for its students. The courses are a waste of resources.

On every Saturday, we are forced to sit and listen to a lot of shitty lectures. The topic of these lectures range from ‘Narad muni : The First Communicator’ to ‘Lord Shiva : The First Environmentalist’. Narad Muni has even made it to our syllabuses.

A mention of the faculty is a must here. Some professors are professor only because their good terms with the Vice Chancellor are good. One professor is given three subjects to teach. Their standard of teaching cannot be explained, it can only be experienced. In the last five years, the Vice Chancellor has only filled in his people who are ready to work for him in order to have control of things and thrown out people who were very learned and intelligent.

Low standard of teaching, lack of learned faculty, rude behaviour of administration, hike in fees mid- term, no scope of placement aren’t the things that tense me. The most dangerous thing is that no one dares to speak up. Everyone has gone mute. Those who dare are shown the doors. We are here to pursue journalism. We must be brave enough to write against the wrong. But here, I am seeing the cultivation of losers who aren’t going to succeed much in their careers.


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