An open letter as idiotic as Shobhaa De’s tweet

Hey Shobhaa,

I am with you on that. The Indian athletes deserve a slamming from you. They go to Olympics, click selfies and comeback with no medals in hands. That has been the case with them since the last few years. Yes, some of them did win a medal or two but so what? How good a bronze medal is or for that matter any medal less than gold is?

These sporting films have made a fool out of everyone. Watching them, people begin to think that achieving a sporting high requires hard-work, and strength of steel. Some idiots say that athletes wait for four years to have a go in Olympics. Who told them to wait for so much time? On whom are they doing this favor? Who told them to play sports?

Shobhaa, this world is cruel to the massive intelligence you possess. No sporting achievement on the field is comparable to the amount of accolades you have brought through your writing brilliance. I don’t remember any of your books though as of now. I will have to Google it. But believe me I am your fan. I have not read any of your 18 books even but I love how you slam people on twitter. That day, after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, when you said that Pakistani flags are unfurled in a Muslim-dominated area, you had won my heart. I had become a fan of your writing then and there only, despite the fact that I have not read you.

Also, this Abhinav Bindra should be given a fitting reply. He should be banned from pursuing the sport that he pursues- shooting. How can a sane mind even think of pursuing a sport which promotes terrorism in the country? How could this even be called a sport?

You might not know this but these Indian athletes whom you targeted in your tweets are the ones who receive great facilities from Indian government. The government spent a lot on their economy class tickets to Rio. Dutee Chand, an Indian sprinter came out lambasting even on this. She said that the athletes deserve better facilities. Isn’t this so anti-India, Shobhaa? This has made me really angry. Not on Dutee but on Indian government. What was the need to provide them with air tickets to Rio? Why give them so much importance at first place?

The whole talk about making good stadiums, providing jobs to sportsmen, availing better facilities to them is very difficult for me to understand.

You chill out, Shobhaa. Get on your comfortable bed, switch on the AC and sleep. Enjoy the luxury that you have earned for yourself. Let these small-time athletes drench in sweat and fake hard-work in Rio. By the way, you have not showed any of your recently purchased sarees? Please do tweet about them soon.

Your Sincerely,

Your reflection


About ishubhampandey

A sincere child of an insincere world.
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