Hang on, Omran!


Let us take a moment to look deeply into this picture. What do we feel inside? Something is burning. Is it? The flames are heating us up inside. Is it? At a time when my country is oozing happiness as two of our girls have brought glory to the nation, very far away in Rio, this picture pains my heart.

What’s wrong in Syria? Why are they killing children? People ask. We don’t realize that it is not Syria which is at fault here, it is us. There’s something wrong with us. Whom can I blame for a tragic picture like this? Watching him rub blood off his skin, our heart melts. What he does is so natural after being made to sit on a chair in the Ambulance. He rubs his eye. It must be itching. Even I used to do it the same way, back in my childhood. There is a joy in watching a 3 year old do this. But there’s no such joy in watching Omran do this. The moment he rubs his eyes, he realizes there’s blood pouring out off his head. He sees it on his palm and then rubs it off on the seat on which he is sitting.

Omran is frightened but he is not shivering. Omran is staring at the cameras with many questions in those eyes. How did this happen? How am I sitting in the Ambulance? Who are these people? What’s gone wrong with the world? Yes, what’s gone wrong with the world?

I don’t know, Omran. I just don’t know. I don’t even know whom to blame. What we usually do, Omran, is ask to stop war. We write letters, messages but we don’t know on which address should we post them? Who’s going to stop these wars? The one who started it, may be. But who’s he or she, for that matter? I don’t know, Omran. And I am apologetic at the same time. Not for the fact that we did this to you. But because you will have to suffer more of this in coming days.

Don’t be scared, Omran. We are with you. This whole world which has planned this attack on you, ruined your childhood. This world is with you. We will run campaigns against countries which are doing this. We will protest the idea of religion. We will protest everything that is to be protested. Till then, hang on, my little friend.

Hang on till the point, nations chalk out a policy to stop wars. Hang on, till the time we know who the culprit is. Hang on, till we the time we look within ourselves.

We will save you, Omran. May be tomorrow, may be day after tomorrow. We will save you. If that is not possible, we will carry out a statement in a press release to tell you the same. Hang on, Omran!



About ishubhampandey

A sincere child of an insincere world.
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