Gender equality won’t come screaming, it will come silently!

yo         I don’t know how to start it? Is it even really important to write this down? Am I really eager to write about this? I try to run away from writing on anything which forces me to prove a point. I don’t really believe in doing that. However, there are some things which have to be explained. Explaining the theory that lies between the right and the wrong. To tell people that not everything’s right and not everything’s wrong. This is so tough but why do I need to explain these theories to people? Who the heck do I think of myself? I am no Albert Camus or Narendra Modi, for that matter? If you happen to not know who Modi is? Google him and you will know who he is. Or I have a better idea – what the hell are you doing here? Go to fucking Pakistan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Nevertheless, let me stick to the point because that has always been a problem with me in the last 25 years. As we grow up, we see a social system in which grow in, starting with our families. There’s a father, a mother, siblings and others. We know that a father goes to job, a mother stays at home. Our first lecture on gender studies begins there. I know that’s not the case with all the families. In some families, we see mothers going to places to work. Yet, every family is the same on the dining table or the dining mat. It does not matter who served the ‘dal’ in the bowl, the one who eats the last and cleans the table is one of the female members of the family. What’s the problem with that?                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I will talk about it later, maybe. Let’s take you to another scene. PV Sindhu has won a silver medal for the country. A nation is in jubilation over this victory. A day before she shone, another girl in Sakshi Malik from the country had won a medal. A week before she had clinched it, another gem called Dipa Karmakar had made the nation proud. Suddenly, this country was abuzz with the daughters of their country. This is the same country which  is placed at 132nd number in the Gender Inequality Index, taken out by the United Nations Development Program. So, everyone is happy that times have changed. Girls are winning. The ‘daughters’ of this country are making the nation proud. While the three girls did make the country proud, but the dining table is still being cleaned by the others. Am I exaggerating the whole issue? No, I am trying my best not to. This is not my point even. I take a little while to get going.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         See, we are a country where women don’t enjoy the social status, they deserve. If this line takes you to a Delhi or a Mumbai or a Bangolarean or a Kolkatan girl then you are deeply mistaken. Even there is no equal status but the situation is much better. I am talking about my aunts here, who invest every second of the day behind the walls in the village. They go out only on special occasions and that too with their faces draped. That’s okay for the males over there much like those who sit at the dining table to eat and then go off to bed straight away, keeping the plates and other things on the table because the mother would do it. It’s really okay. That’s how we have been brought up. But what suddenly happens to us when a PV Sindhu wins a medal in Olympics? Why do we start screaming about daughters and betis? That they are not made for Kitchen purposes only and there’s more to them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This happens because we sit on two contrary end and we change places every now and then. That’s us. It’s a usual end for us at most times of year and whenever there’s a Sindhu and Sakshi celebration, we are ready for a jump to the other end. We cannot be there in the middle. This happens because we have drawn a line between men and women. We have been drawing that line. In the kitchen, on the sports field, behind the walls. Everytime, there’s women celebrating a success, we are quick to jump to the other end and call her the daughter of the nation – stating that daughters were never meant to do what they have done yet we are celebrating it. We compare them with the men. Why cannot we celebrate their victories just like we do when a male athlete wins a medal? Did you call Abhinav Bindra- the ‘son’ of the nation when he clinched Gold for India. No, because that’s the mainstream. Let’s make the daughters of the country mainstream then. Let’s make their success usual. They have been doing this. They will be doing this.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Also, there’s no wrong in women working in the kitchen, preparing food. There’s nothing wrong if they are cleaning the table. Wrong is when you expect only them to do that work. It is wrong if you believe times have changed after a girl is seen working in an office, earning her bread on her own and not working in a kitchen. Stop calling their victories as ‘the victory of the girl child’. Stop saying ‘Beti Bachao’ after her success in a field. Celebrate her success not because she is a girl but because she is an athlete, a chef, an actress, a tatoo-maker. That’s called gender empowerment and this empowerment brings equality. This equality will come and nobody would have screamed for it. It will come silently.


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A sincere child of an insincere world.
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