Loving the ones who don’t love you back


Kundan loves Zoya. Like madly. That small town love where the boy can cut his wrist for his girl. And that too in front of her. I believed it when Kundan did it in front of Zoya in the sharing auto. I had seen it happening quite a few times, living in the same city and other smaller towns.

There was one friend of mine in school who did it, there were many in my colony. There were many who hit themselves in the mirror and came with a bandaged hand or head to school the next day.  I felt lucky to be a hopeless romantic. To be someone who won’t reveal what he feels. He will live with a beautiful idea of spending life with his crush in school, in college and will go on a honeymoon with her one day. To Europe, may be.


When on the next day in school, in college, she won’t look at him and give importance to others, he would sulk inside and care less about these petty things on face. He would appear as if he was focused on playing Basketball in Games period. In reality, he would try to figure out at which part of the ground, she was sitting and more importantly with whom. Being A Sunil from Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa is tough but so is Kundan from Raanjhana.

Kundans don’t like to wait anxiously all their life to express themselves. They can go to any extent to get their share of love in this world. Irrespective of conclusions, they struggle in the beautiful process.

Ayan is no different than Kundan. He loves Alizeh as much as Kundan loves Zoya. He would not but cut his hand with a blade. He would rather chase her all through the world. He would be told that he is better off as friend but he will resist. He does not see light at the end of the tunnel. He wants the darkness to subside quickly in the tunnel itself.


Zoya and Alizeh love someone else. They like Kundan and Ayan but won’t spend their lives with them. The rejection makes love brave. Kundan realizes it. But it is Ajay, who realizes it more. He loves Nandini. He has her as his wife. She is ready to live all her life with him but not for him. There is rejection in her acceptance. Ajay knows that. He could be the best caretaker, lover but can he replace Samir? Samir who is like Akram Zaidi whom Zoya loves, like Ali whom Alizeh wants to marry.

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Ajay knows that and won’t fight like Kundan and Ayan. He would go on and live a hopeless romantic life after he takes Nandini to Italy and makes her meet Samir again. Rather, he would live like Jai who was going to commit suicide after a break-up but Geet changed his life forever. That chirpy Geet. Jai knows Geet is happy with her Anshuman. Much like how Alizeh was with Ali. Ali and Anshuman just does not care about the kind of love they were being offered.


Ajay and Jai have accepted the rejections, only to find out in the end that their willingness to sacrifice was the reason why Nandini and Geet loved them back.

If Kundan had left Zoya in Banaras to be Akram’s wife, would he have got her back? What about Ayan then? These are films, right? A writer writes them, a director directs it.

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Then why did not Saajan and Ila meet? They wanted each other. Loneliness had eaten them out. It was not because of love of skin or the beauty of the face or the taste of the food that Ila served in the lunchbox but it was for the understanding of each other’s loneliness and the willingness to feel each other’s emptiness that both Ila and Saajan wanted to meet each other but they did not.


Saajan refused to go to Bhutan with her. Why? They almost had each other. Unlike Kundan and Zoya, Ayan and Alizeh, Sunil and Aina.

There were times when all of us loved someone so deeply and madly that we would do anything to get them. Then came the heartbreak, sometimes in form of rejections and sometimes, it was the realization that the other does not feel as much as you do. The grave compromise in the end, with the self.

Kundan travels between rejection and compromise throughout Raanjhana. He cannot decide what to do. Same is Ayan. When Jai swipes his tears, tying to be brave as he pushes Geet again to Anshuman, there is deep pain. Sunil makes a lonely walk on the road after sacrificing Aina for someone else. It is not a normal walk. He, maybe, loves her more than ever. Same is the case with Ajay’s walk when he drops Nandini at the concert where Samir will be playing. Saajan too decided to leave the place where Ila and him decided to meet earlier.


Ajay is lucky to get love returned in the end. Not everyone is as lucky as him though. Jai too manages to win her heart.

But for Kundan, Ayan, Sunil and Saajan, the end was painful. Even if it was pain, it would have been great. Only that it is a journey, is a problem.

Wonder what is more painful, living all your life with rejection or with compromise?





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