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Malgudi Days: What we never saw

  My favourite story in Malgudi Days was A Horse And Two Goats. A story about a poor man and how he manages to sell a horse statue to a foreigner unknowingly. The story was a good read and was … Continue reading

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Dangal: above everything, there’s sports

“Everyone has to endure 1,400 days of alarms going off – unless you take Sundays off. You can’t explain to people that most mornings something aches. Some mornings everything aches. But this life, and these hands blotched with torn skin … Continue reading

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Fear, hope and fight: Udta Punjab

      What’s hope without fear? It is when we are amidst the fear that we hope of getting out of it, one day. There is nothing fearful than death. No heartbreak, joblessness, financial crisis bigger than the fear … Continue reading

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हरामी और बेवकूफ: एक विचार

इंसान सिर्फ दो नसल के होते है. एक होते है हरामी और दुसरे बेवकूफ. और ये सारा खेल इन्ही दोनो के बीच का है. गैंग्स ऑफ़ वासेपुर का ये डायलाग मेरा सबसे फेवरेट डायलाग है. ये लाइन इतनी गहरी है … Continue reading

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Om Dar Ba Dar..Err..Sorry Sir!

First thing, first! Kamal Swaroop made me feel like an idiot. A few days back I saw Om Dar Ba Dar – an absolutely insane storytelling. Battling all the corners of the brain, it crossed my level of understanding. I … Continue reading

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