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Bhavesh Joshi- Not your regular Superhero

I remember watching The Dark Knight Rises and coming out of the cinema hall absolutely thrilled and energised. What worked for me was not the aura of Batman but learnings of Bruce Wayne. The best superhero films are not those … Continue reading

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Omertà: We don’t know them

We, the Indians, remember 26/11 the way the Americans remember 9/11. The only thing different between the two dates is that we write the date first and the month later, the Americans do the vice versa. This is just one … Continue reading

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Malgudi Days: What we never saw

  My favourite story in Malgudi Days was A Horse And Two Goats. A story about a poor man and how he manages to sell a horse statue to a foreigner unknowingly. The story was a good read and was … Continue reading

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October: Her love, her absence

‘Where is Dan?’ Shiuli asks this to her friends before falling off from the third floor of the hotel’s roof. She was not drunk. Yet she lost herself forever. Dan wasn’t there. Her eyes were always looking for him. Always. … Continue reading

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ये कविता काम के नाम जो दिन में होता है और रात में भी जाम के बीच में भी और आराम में भी इतने व्यस्त है कि पूछो नही चलते भी है तो सोचते है काम खाते है तो काम … Continue reading

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राशिद सर का कुर्ता

राशिद सर के यहाँ बहुत से गमले थे. मैंने उनसे पुछा कि क्या उन्हें इतना प्यार है फूलों से तो मुस्कुरा के कमरे के अन्दर चले गए. उनकी मुस्कान देख के दोबारा पूछने का मन नहीं किया. ये बहुत था … Continue reading

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How to define pain?

When Saajan in Lunchbox returned home, he had no one to talk to. It was just him, his dal, roti and cigarettes. The smoke that came out from the cigarette, disappeared in vicinity. The neighbours closed the windows seeing him sneaking … Continue reading

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