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Mussoorie Tales: Meeting Ruskin Bond

It had to be the best day of my life. At lease one of the best days. I cannot count on my finger the number of best days to be honest but it is easy to put it in that … Continue reading

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Mussoorie Tales: Reaching the hotel

It was a morning that I may never forget. A day which if I forget, I will never forgive myself. I reached Mussoorie in the morning. It was not a great journey. In the bus, I was surrounded by PubG … Continue reading

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Mark Tully’s Upcountry Tales: A drive back to our villages

One always wonders what is an important book? What makes a book important? There could be several reasons for that. A book translates words into thoughts but more importantly, it begins a conversation. Mark Tully’s Upcountry Tales is an important … Continue reading

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Gully Boy: Murad, Moeen and the darkness

Just before the intermission in Gully Boy, Murad comes to meet Safeena on a bridge inside the slum where he lives. This is not the first time the two are meeting at this place. They always went there. This is … Continue reading

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Year Beginner 2019: Will that butterfly still be beautiful?

2018 is over. A year is just not a time that went by, it is a reminder to oneself that it is time to look back to the last 365 days or so and see how we fared. 2018 was … Continue reading

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The Wild Pear Tree: The most serene yet a difficult cinematic experience

A timely retreat is a victory, Idris tells his son Sinan at the climax of The Wild Pear Tree. Sinan, who once loved writing, returned to his hometown after serving in military. This is not the first time he has … Continue reading

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Roma: The women in our lives

You come out of Roma, Roma does not come out of you. Continue reading

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