I see the end!

A long time ago there was a guy who was busy in making a calendar of his own. He had told the world later about some particular dates in his calendar when the earth would face disaster. I don’t know his name. For the fact that I neither did well at science nor did I care about astrology and all, I had least interest in his sayings and presumptions.

But it would be wrong to say that his presumptions were wrong. In fact, most of them have been accurate. For instance, tsunami attacks on 26th December, 2004. But that is a thing of past now. One of his bizarre presumptions remained to be seen. Ha presumed that the world will come to an end on 21st December, 2012.

So, if he is to be believed then we are left with only three and a half months before we all die. A lot of people think that this presumption is all utter rubbish. I was also a part of ‘a lot of people’. Not now. I have started to believe him. Because the things that I have started to read, notice since few days have left me with no chance but to believe him.

Before anything comes to an end, it shows a sign that it is not going to continue for long. Whether it is your 2 years old tee whose threads are starting to unravel or the street fighter video game in which the energy level of the street fighter is going down or the AMUL chocolate vanilla stick which starts to melt once taken out of the refrigerator. Likewise, Humanity, as I see now, is being erased out of humans. Moral values are leaking out of the human being. This is the case with the world. It is just a matter of time that the Human race will eventually come to an end because Humanity won’t last long.

Humanity in the humans is just like the thread in a T-shirt, vanilla in the ice cream and energy in the street fighter.

I see the signs. Yes, I see the signs.

You want to see the sign too? Oh, then if you are girl then try travelling in the Metro train, particularly in the General compartments. If you aren’t a girl then try to travel with one. Make sure, you travel in a crowded one because it is only then that you would be able to realize the truth, only then you would see that sign, then only you would understand her pain. The pain of the girl who faced molestation inside a metro train in the capital city of this country, a few days back.

It is very easy to read and ignore an article about a girl whose respect was brought down by some indecent humans. But to experience that moment which she went through is altogether a different thing. I am not a girl. I was not blessed by God to be one. May be, I was not a courageous sperm. But I do understand that feeling when you breast is on show in a crowded metro because one sick guy pulled your top. I understand how it feels when you are being scanned from top to bottom by a bunch of flagrant people. I also understand how it feels when you are grabbed by someone from behind.

Many people opine that the girls should not dress up the way they do these days. For all of them, let me repeat what Dick Gregory had said.

“If I was a woman and even if I walked naked, you don’t have the right to rape me.”

There were days when parents used to tell their daughters to come back to home before the midnight. Delhi was not safe for women after 12. They used to be afraid that any characterless, uneducated, downgraded element of the society may cause harm to their daughter.

This is the reason why the incident mentioned here sounds more painful to the ears, appears more disturbing for the eyes to read.  Because this sad incident happened at 7:30 in the evening, in a crowded metro train and in the presence of the respectable, educated class citizens of this city.

You know what I feel. I don’t feel that she was molested. I don’t think so she should think that her respect had been brought down. Rather, it was us – the men who got molested. We are the ones whose respect has gone down.

A woman loses her respect only when she herself does something shameful and I don’t think so that the girl, here, was at fault. She just made a mistake. A mistake of travelling in the General compartment of the metro.

I would like to advise you guys about one thing. If you posses a great amount of desire in you to watch the private parts of women then you should try out your sisters and mothers. Oh! You felt that was offensive? You want to slap me? Ok, so please slap because I want you to feel offended, I want you to slap me.

In this way, I would get to know that you have some respect left for you sisters and mothers atleast. Because the things that I see now is really scaring me. I see darkness and just some synonyms of it.

I also know that many of you have already left reading this article. It was boring, I agree. You must have had thought that what is the relation of ‘world coming to an end’ with a molestation case. But to those men who are still reading it, who understood the meaning of this article, who understood the relation between the ‘world coming to an end’ and a molestation case, I would just like to say THANK YOU. It doesn’t matter if you are in less numbers. I am satisfied with the fact that there are men who respect women. There are men who still have some humanity and morals values left in them.

I believe there are people who would read the article and give it a thought. There are people who would just not move on. I am an optimist. I will hope against the hope. I think we can save the world


About ishubhampandey

A sincere child of an insincere world.
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